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Mana Market

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Your Instant eCommerce Solution

Looking to sell online? Not sure where to start? Mana Market offers your store an instant eCommerce solution – connecting you to your local community and surrounds, online. You choose what to place on the platform, and how large an online inventory to maintain.

Localised, efficient (same-day) delivery based on stock at hand. This is of particular value in outlying regions, that typically experience delivery lags.

Our commission structure is way below what the competitors are charging.

No additional supply chain burden – you list what you want to sell (on a store, manufacture, or production level).

We provide full brand enhancement and onsite advertisement.

The localised model has the further advantage of efficiently clearing out slow-moving stock, since promotion on a store, factory or production level can be immediate (rather than awaiting printed magazines) and not reliant on foot traffic.

Our in-depth understanding of the mass and niche market has great potential of extending your product reach.