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Mana Market

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Quick. Efficient. Easy. Secure.

Mana360 Technologies trading as Mana Market is a contactless platform that connects physical retailers with customers from their surrounding neighbourhoods. The mechanism is simple.  A physical store has items it wishes to promote. A store agent uploads an image, price, description, shipping dimensions, and stock count of each item. Mana Market takes care of the rest.

Your Neighbourhood Stores Direct to You”

Using geolocation, consumers in the neighbourhood browse listed stores and available goods for sale.  They add to their cart, confirm delivery details, and pay securely via credit card. A certified Mana Market driver receives an alert of the purchase on his/her phone.  The driver collects the goods from the store, completes the delivery, and is instantly remunerated.  Contactless and tracked from end-to-end.  Quick.  Efficient.  Easy.  Secure.


The mechanism is simple. With the Mana Market app, you can browse any listed store and available goods for sale – starting from your neighbourhood, expanding outwards.

Add items to your cart, confirm the delivery details, and pay securely via credit card. A certified Mana Market driver will collect the goods from the store and bring them to you.

In a Nutshell – Whatever you need, delivered today. Our platform can connect you with any retailer in your neighbourhood. Browse online, at any time of day or night.