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Mana Market

About Mana Market

Mana Market is a contactless platform that connects physical retailers with customers from their surrounding neighbourhoods. The mechanism is simple. A physical store has items it wishes to promote.

Become A Merchant

Looking to sell online? Not sure where to start?

Mana Market offers your store an instant eCommerce solution – connecting you to your local community and surrounds, online. You choose what to place on the platform, and how large an online inventory to maintain.

Become A Driver

Looking to start or grow your delivery business? 

As a Mana Market certified driver, we provide you with an unparalled opportunity to scale your business through increasing demand. And that means you’ll likely need to trade in your scooter for a van.

What Makes Us Different?

We’re part of a bigger organisation

Well for one, aggregation.  We’re part of a bigger organisation, Mana360 Technologies, that specialises in supply chain and logistics.  Detail and algorithms are our lifeblood in our continual effort to solve problems of space, dimensions, and positioning.  We own intelligent systems that specialise in optimisation and efficiency.  We can cluster deliveries and assign the right-sized partner for the job, without serial deliveries or waiting for a van to fill up.  We can aggregate sales made overnight so that at opening time, we assign the optimal delivery partners to clearly mapped out routes.

Country’s socioeconomic development

Secondly, we’re serious about our country’s socioeconomic development, specifically expanding the formal economy.  Much of our energy is spent identifying, attracting, and equipping emerging businesses, bringing them into the mainstream economy, alongside multinational players.  Everyone in our team has a story to tell and is passionate about driving success in South African businesses.  Our model is locally designed, locally implemented, and driven by local insights.